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NH Sports Betting Bill Sent To Governor’s Desk Filed Under: Legalized Sports Betting , New Hampshire CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Sports betting is close to becoming legal in New Hampshire. The House voted Thursday to accept the Senate’s minor changes to a bill that would legalize betting on professional sports and most Division I college sports, excluding games involving New Hampshire schools. The bill now goes to Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who supports it. The Senate changed the bill’s effective date so that the regulatory system could be in place early next year. Both mobile and retail gambling would be allowed, producing an estimated $7.5 million for education in fiscal year 2021, and $13.5 million two years later. Supporters argue legalization will bring black market activity to the surface and provide support for problem gamblers through a new Council for Responsible Gambling. Opponents argue it continues the state’s reliance on problematic revenue sources. (© Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

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Pritzker has expressed support for the legislation and is expected to sign the bill later this month. The legislation stipulates sports facilities with seating capacity greater than 17,000 may apply for a master sports wagering license, allowing them to offer sports betting at or within a five-block radius of the venue. The initial fee for a sports wagering license is $10 million and is valid for four years. The Illinois legislation prohibits betting on games involving Illinois schools. "Today is the culmination of a tremendous amount of hard work, determination and teamwork behind a vision for entertainment and economic opportunity in Illinois," state Rep. Mike Zalewski, one of the bill's proponents, said in a statement. Upon Pritzker's signature, Illinois will join more than a dozen states that have authorized sports betting since the U.S. Supreme Court last May struck a federal statute that had restricted state-sponsored sports betting to primarily Nevada. "Thanks to Governor Pritzker's leadership, and the weekend overtime hours put in by the General Assembly, we are excited by the legalization of sports betting," Richard Schwartz, President of Rush Street Interactive, which runs Rivers Casino premier league in Des Plaines, Illinois, said in a statement. The NBA and Major League Baseball lobbied in Illinois for a fee paid by bookmakers to sports leagues based on the amount wagered on their respective events, but such a fee was not included in the final bill. The leagues, however, did receive some rights over data.

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